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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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70 culpeper, winchester. 74 naval air station and with the rain 75 in reedville. so look for showers. possibly by late this morning but really this afternoon is when things will get active with highs in the mid-80s. it is 6:00 a.m. >> take a look. here's the big big picture. overall most areas are getting a thumbs up. a-okay as far as incidents and accidents are concerned. northbound on the bw parkway past 50 that we have been watching crash activity since the 4:00 hour. hopefully it will be out of here soon. the outer loop, things are slow between university and georgia avenue. but the sun is rising. 66 eastbound, your delay stretches 50 to 123 and virginia's 95, starting to drop in speed between the prince william parkway to lorton as well as between 7100 and the backlick exit. back to you. at the top of the hour, we have a commuter alert. important information for anyone relying on vre today.
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inbound trains will top before reaching the district. fredericksburg line trains will terminate at the franconia springfield station and manassas line trains willnd at this van doren station. from there it is a half hour in to downtown washington. service should be back to normal tomorrow. all lanes of new york avenue are open this morning following a building fire along the commuter route on monday. here's a live look at new york avenue near the brentwood parkway in northeast washington. you can see traffic is moving quiet smoothly right now. a far cry from yesterday when the road was closed. the reason a fire at a tire and wheel shop no one was hurt. crews remained on the scene overnight to clean up the mess. in a couple of hours, the search will resume for two people missing in the potomac river. monday's search turned up empty. kristin fisher is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning.
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rescue crews suspended the search for these two people around night fall yesterday, but this search is going to continue in about two hours at 8 a.m. here by the old anglers inn in potomac, maryland. this is the spot where crews spent three hours in the water searching for this 36-year-old mother and they are 14-year-old daughter. they are not sure if they entered the water voluntarily or fell in. the call for help came in on monday evening. >> the water is so beautiful. it's tempting. it's deadly. it's that simple. it's deadly. and just have to stay out of it. you will die if you go in to this river. >> reporter: witnesses scene family members only spoke spanish, so at first there was a little language barrier but rescuers say witnesses saw two women struggling in the water. as for the rescue effort it has been extensive. a helicopter searched from the air yesterday evening and crews from montgomery and fairfax
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county and a team of kayaker unless the water spent several hours yesterday searching for those two women. but by night fall, rescuers temporarily called off the search until daylight. the search will start up again in a little over two hours right here in the waters off of the old anglers inn in potomac, maryland. what is interesting is that stretch of water behind me is actually a stretch of water that's known to be deadly among kayakers. i claimed the lives of six people last year and of course the big fear is it could have claimed the lives of two more. we will have to wait and see. and that search will start in two hours. >> thank you. a rescue effort in frederick county, maryland had a happier ending but there were frantic moments. a kayaker threw the anchor in
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to the the water was it tipped the kayak. friends held his head up until the rescuers came. >> start up, stopped finally moved out of the way. 20 minute wait. the road to the boat launch crosses the csx railroad tracks. it took a call from the dispatch to get the train moving. this morning al-qaeda confirms the number three man died in the missile strike. he was the top commander in afghanistan. it is unclear when he was killed but it was sometime in the last few weeks. his death is seen as a hit to al-qaeda operations in afghanistan. while you slept the united nations called for an impartial investigation in to israel's raid of a flotilla. it condemns the action of israeli forces raiding the ship taking humanitarian aid to the
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gaza strip. at least nine people died. israel said its actions came after its commandos came under attack. the raid led to protests at embassies worldwide. jessica doyle has the "living $mart" report. new information on popular protein shakes. >> that's right. this is the result of an investigation released five minutes ago and you will not believe some of the dangerous chemicals that could be in your favorite protein shake. a new investigation by consumer reports finds that all of the protein drinks tested have at least one sample containing arsenic, cad knee yum and mercury. they are sold as ready to drink liquids or powders and the testing shows the protein drinks may pose health problems over time, especially if consumers drink more than one a day. here's the examples. the drinks
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were tested and purchased mainly in the new york metro area and on-line. what makes these findings worrisome is the consumer groups that drink the shakes, pregnant women, women nursing children, adolescents baby boomer and the athletes that drink the shakes. >> are the ingredients not clearly listed. >> they are preservative and chemicals associated with the proteins used in there. >> wow. thank you for that alert. did the holiday weekend whet your appetite for a road trip? before you head out let's check out the prices at the pump.
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-- after a rainout in chicago president obama marks memorable day in our legion. in four minutes what he said last night at andrews air force base. and a look at other remembrances in our region. right now focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> clouds mixing in with the sunshine out there this morning. in garrett county a few sprinkles and passing sprinkle down to point lookout and st. mary's county. the forecast for today, a muggy one. by 9:00 looking at temperatures in the 70s. mostly cloudy skies. we may see a stray shower, especially in oakland at 67 degrees. the rest of us in the 70s. by noontime, low 80s in many areas with the chance of showers and storms moving in from the northwest to the metro here during the afternoon. see the yellow area pushing to
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annapolis at 3:00? cooler indication where the showers and storms might be heaviest. 83 hagerstown and 82 cambridge. we go through the afternoon and temperatures holding in the middle 80s. it's 6:08. here's angie. all right. an alert for you. a disabled vehicle is what we are tracking going northbound on the bw parkway. this is near the powder mill area. it is taking away the left lane. be careful. you are out live at bradley boulevard and connecticut. normal traffic at this time hardly any. we switch over and give you a live shot of hardly any traffic. it is 6:08. hope you are off to a terrific tuesday. 9 news now will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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we take a look back at memorial day where the world honors those who sacrificed for our country ♪ [ music ] the playing of "taps "monday at the vietnam veterans memorial. thousands of people walked past the wall leaving mementos for those who were killed ♪ [ music ] ♪ a huge parade along constitution avenue in northwest washington. over 100,000 people turned out for the annual celebration. there were marching bands from
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across the nation ♪ [ music ] ♪ a celebration in rockville, maryland. the climax of the hometown holiday celebration with a parade through montgomery county's largest city. president obama was in illinois skipping the ceremony at arlington national cemetery. as joel brown reports he did pay his respects upon returning to washington. >> president obama honored the nation's fallen heros by laying a wreath near the burial grounds at abraham lincoln cemetery. but when thunderstorms cut his remarks short he delivered them instead on his return to washington. >> i say to every american the legacy of these fallen soldier and heros lives on in each of us. the security that lets us to live in peace. the prosperity that allows us to pursue our dreams, the freedom that we cherish, these were earned by the blood and the sacrifice of patriots who went before. >> reporter: it was a rare
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break in memorial day tradition. presidents typically lead the ceremony at arlington national cemetery outside of washington. but this year vice president laid the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. >> we take pride, great pride, in the lives they lived and the service they provided. >> reporter: it is another memorial day cast against two ongoing wars. the president is drawing down troops in iraq while ramping up efforts in afghanistan, which is now become the nation's longest war ever. at bagram airfield in afghanistan, 400 soldiers stood at attention remembering the friends they lost here. may has been the deadliest month so far this year, and the american death toll in afghanistan just reached the grim milestone of 1,000 ♪ [ music ] ♪ and on this day, a grateful nation honors that sacrifice. joel brown, cbs news,
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washington. here's what is in the news now. today president obama will meet with the leaders of the investigation in though the gulf oil spill. that's according to the associated press. meanwhile b.p. is preparing for the next effort to stop the flow of oil. at least 113 people are now confirmed dead in the wake of tropical storming a that. this is video from honduras. you can see the devastating floods there. ing a that is the first storm of the pacific hurricane season. check out this video from boulder, colorado. a tornado caught on tape yesterday afternoon. fortunately no reports of any serious damage. look at that funnel. >> the eastern plains of colorado are part of really tornado alley in a sense. >> that's incredible glen that's a tight looking one but thankfully looks like the middle of the farmlands out there, very clear at the base of those. a lot of times you don't know it is on the ground until it
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picks up get and gets dirty a heck of a storm out there. visually a heck of a storm. thankfully no reports of damage or injury. >> all right. what's in store for us today on this first day of the new month? >> this is also the first day of mien meteorological summer. we will see showers and thunderstorms. yesterday 91. had a couple of showers and storms but more this afternoon and with more cloud cover it should keep temperatures five or so degrees cooler than yesterday. we have had big showers to the north. in far western maryland and west virginia a few light sprinkles and now in southern maryland also. the northern neck a few sprinklings. go to live doppler 9000 hd and we will show you the action coming in. one lone shower here. you see it in west virginia. that is coming east. it holds together front royal, strasburg, winchester.
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watch out for that in the next hour. to our south we have heard from jan in reedville. she is seeing light sprinkles there. an area of showers to the north and east. deal island, parts of the lower eastern shore may get in to that in the next little while. we will wait several more hours for the atmosphere to bubble up more showers and storms. tomorrow and thursday, humid today stickiness isn't going away. shower and storms midday through the afternoon. ott on wednesday and thursday. around 90. thursday night our next front produces a few more showers and thunderstorms. the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, warm and muggy. upper 60s in the cool spots. most of us in the 70s this morning. sun up a half hour ago. it will set tonight 8:27. however, scattered showers and storms around and mostly cloudy skies you may not see the sunset. winds 10 to 15. tonight the winds should be fairly light. less than five miles an hour
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and with clearing after morning storms it could lead to patchy fog developing. sunset 8:27. 60s confined to the west and the shenandoah valley and out to charlottesville, western maryland. ocean city 71. cool spot is rockville, sterling, reston, manassas. at 70. milder but not much across prince georges county, bowie 73 and andrews and brandywine and crofton 78. a muggy 73 with a southwest wind t at 11 miles an hour. a front is on in the way. that will produce more showers and storms especially this afternoon. highs today in the mid 80s. tomorrow and thursday 90ish. late thursday, thursday night a better chance of storms. friday looks nice after an early shower and 83. race for the cure, should be a good day on saturday morning in the mid-80s. more storms sunny in to monday.
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here's angie. >> we begin with a traffic alert in maryland. take a look. we are at a stand still here because of this crash activity on georgia avenue at evans drive. this two-car crash with a lot of response crews on the scene completely blocks the southbound lanes. southbound lanes are not getting by. result we are watching delays build in the area. and looks they are in the beginning stages of trying to assess the scene and get these cars removed out of the roadway. count on 9 news 9 news to keep you posted and let you know when lanes start to open up. overall. if you look at the big map here, you can see things are clearing out. happy to report the accident on the bw parkway, just getting word past route 50 that it is clearing. finally good news there. it has been out there since 4:00 this morning. 395 northbound we are jammed from the beltway over to seminary. but happy to report no incidents or accidents. and taking a look at how long you need to be in the car, 66
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eastbound, 13 minutes from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 13 minutes on the inner loop from 395 to the toll road and 11 minutes and growing to get from 95 to 270. traveling the outer loop in maryland. right now our time is 6:18. right now a young woman is fighting for her life after someone shot her in the head. it happened near cherry wood court in greenbelt, maryland a at this point police are looking for a gunman and talking to witnesses to find out what led to the shooting. police have not maid arrest in the murder of a 21-year-old man killed at a metro station. he was found stabbed at the congress heights station and died a short time later. neighbors tell 9 news now he was a college student visiting his old neighborhood. another man was also stabbed. he survived the bulls and bears usually run wall street but it was the bees ruling the roost
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for minimum call day day. they set up shop on wall street at a restaurant. the swarm forced people in condos to take cover while exterminators dealt with the bees. they were collected and brought to a hive in connecticut. ahead in sports the nationals have their biggest inning since moving to washington. and we now know when steven strasburg will make his major league debut. cc ñú
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good morning, everyone. ambrette haber with the wakeup sports. the apprenticeship was a brief one, 11 games and 56 innings in the minor lesion and for those who saw him pitch at spring training many would argue it was 56 innings too long.
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he is now seven days away from being a national league. they announced that he will indeed make his debut next tuesday, june 8th at home against the pirates. the nats not swayed bethe fact his last two outings in the minors were his worst. a no decision and a loss. i spoke with mike rizzo last night who said the kid is just ready. >> we believe he is very close to achieving everything, working out the nuances we wanted him to work on and he's had enough preparation in the minor leagues and time for him to show his wares and get ready for competition. >> reporter: the nats and astros in houston on monday. roy on the mound with the bases full and adam dunn clears them off. a three-run double to center. zimmerman the third of those runs sliding in safely. 4-1 nats. shortly thereafter roy came unglued. he umpire says cut it out. she doesn't. so he gets tossed in the
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3rdinning. that's one way to knock the ace out of the game. the beat down continued. zimmerman opposite field for his 11th home run of the year. nine runs in the 7thinning yesterday they win 14-4. that's a quick look at sports. have a great tuesday, everybody. chicago is half way to the first stanley cup in 49 years the blackhawks won last night 2- 1. game three is tomorrow night in philadelphia. it is 6:24. still to come a washington hand mark turns the big 30. here's a look above the crash that has southbound georgia avenue closed just outside of the beltway. angie will show us the impact of this later on. another warm, muggy day ahead. howard is talking about the thunderstorms. get what you need to know when 9 news now returns.
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the 9:30 club celebrates the 30th birthday. the club opened the doors in 1980 and hosted the biggest punk and new wave acts of the
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day. it has been at the current location since 1996. thank you for starting our tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on our weather terrace with the forecast. does it feel like summer? >> sure does. it is warm. it is a little muggy outside here. a breeze blowing. this afternoon won't be as hot as yesterday afternoon by stormier than yesterday afternoon. this morn thong satellite and radar, you can see the showers and storms we had yesterday. those that pulled out of maryland though southern pennsylvania. overnight an isolated sprinkle or two. a couple of sprinkles around reedville and also in west viriginia and western maryland. we start on the warm side. culpeper and martinsburg in the upper 60s. we are at 73. we will see temperatures in the 80s. couldn't a shower or storm by noon. an an atlantictive afternoon with highs in in the middle 80s. let's find out about the tuesday back to work commute.
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here's the traffic alert in maryland. two-car accident at georgia avenue and evans drive have all southbound lanes blocked currently. what we know is there aren't many delays at this time because police are in place and they are detouring drivers. if this is where you live the alternate is plyersville to access it. mid county highway is where they are losing a lane. mid county is losing a right one because of crash activity. 66, it is one slow ride from 7100, the fairfax county parkway to nutley and sun glare will be an issue for the commute. ends with 95 northbound plus 10 to 15 minutes from the minutes.
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over to you. a speeding moving van left a path of destruction along the bw parkway after a mover apparently flipped out. at least one driver suffered serious injuries. there were four collisions before police caught the driver. authorities say it started yesterday when the man became frustrated while trying to move a heavy piece of turn churn from a -- furniture from a home in prince georges county. >> i guess he flipped out. he couldn't get the arm what down the steps and i showed him a different way of getting it down there and once i told him how he could do it he got an attitude and he jumped over the rail and tried to hit me with brass knuckles. >> reporter: charges are pending against the driver. his name has in the been released. a short while ago the united nations security council called for an impartial investigation of israel less deadly commando on ships taking humanitarian aid to the gaza strip. the u.n. condemned the act that killed nine people.
6:32 am
however they say it violated the blockade against gaza. here in the united states, they have demanded tough sanctions against israel. >> these people are human beings not terrorists. these people have endured occupation for 60 years. >> they don't have the ability to fight back and defend themselves. >> reporter: netanyahu was scheduled to meet with president obama at the white house today but because of yesterday's siege that meeting has been postponed. we turn to the disaster in the gulf and a look at what's next to stop the massive oil leak. this is a live look at the b.p. spill cam. the shot is cloudy this morning. you can't see much of what is going on but the oil is still pouring out. later today, president obama will meet with people who will head up the investigation in to what went wrong while b.p. focuses on the next effort to
6:33 am
stop the gusher. andrea endo reports from grand isle, louisiana. >> reporter: this animation is no video game. it is a look at the latest plan to cap the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. after a string of failed fixes, b.p. plans to cut through the pipe leaking oil and place a custom- made cap over the gusher. they tried something similar before, but this time they will be swirling warm water around the cap to prevent freezing that caused the containment dome to fail a few weeks ago. but even if it works it won't stop the illegal completely. b.p. says that won't happen until later this summer. >> the solution relies on the relief well. is in august. so we have to be in a mind set of containment on the surface. >> reporter: as oil cleanup continues, people in the gulf
6:34 am
coast have a new worry, the start of hurricane shenandoah and the possibility rain could push the oil further inland. >> i have verbal and e-mail from our insurance company that says if i have oil impacted damage to my home they will not cover it and i would have to file with b.p. >> reporter: officials forecast it will spread to other states week. eric holder in the gulf coast region today which means a criminal investigation related to the bill could get underway. in washington, president obama is meeting with members of his commission charged with making recommendations to prevent future spills in grand isle, louisiana, sandra endo, 9 news now. in 90 minutes the search for a missing woman and teenager girl will resume on the potomac river. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with more on
6:35 am
the search. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. we are still awaiting search and rescue crews but they should be arriving within the hour to continue to search this part of the potomac river. they will be part arch searching part of the potomac that is well known for having a strong undercurrent. it is appropriately called difficult run. and again it is well known among kayakers for being a treacherous part of the potomac. claimed six lives last year and the big fear it could have claimed two more lives. we can't be sure if this mother and her 14-year-old daughter fell in the the poe mac or entered the water voluntarily. they only spoke spanish so there was a language barrier but they say they saw two women strug until the water they searched for the women on monday evening. u.s. park police helicopters searched from the air and crews from montgomery and fairfax county and a team of kayakers combed the water for signs of
6:36 am
life. >> to see if we see anything. the sooner you get to them may make it to a missing persons instead of missing body search. >> reporter: rescue crews temporarily called off the search yesterday evening as soon as the sunit set. now it is set to restart at 8:00 this morning and just on the two hours now. when they do they will meet here. this is the staging ground across from the old anglers inn in potomac, maryland and we expect people to continue this search in the poe toe moe mac river for these two women and we will keep you updated with the latest and keep our fingers crossed that something good comes out of this. >> thank you. our time is 6:37. a "living $mart" report is just seven minutes away. jessica doyle is in he the information center. jess, what are you working on? >> if you are behind on your mortgage, help is out there but the rules change today. i will tell you what you need
6:37 am
to know coming up. but first start with the focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> a muggy morning out there. spoke to weather watchers in cross junction, steve 64. mostly cloudy skies. but in strasburg, we have temperatures which are a little sprinkles i wanted to show on live live doppler 9000 hd. those are moving in from west virginia. temperatures this morning are going to be in the 70s with a chance of showers and then as we go throughout the middle of the day the better chance of showers and storms. low 80s by lunchtime and mid- 80s in a few spots. showers and storms across the region this afternoon. a good bet on that. virginia all eyes on you right now. take you to 50 and 29. looks like we are problem free in fairfax, virginia. just a little volume. alexandria, where route 1 meets 23rd street. everything is moving well and traffic light. 267 the dulles toll road at
6:38 am
hunter mill, you will see volume passing the herndon area. 6:38. you are waking up with 9 news now. we'll be right back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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we're going to the top of the charts to check out the hot topics on google. searches are in the business mood because rba is the number one topic, the everybody bank of us a stray ya that voted to hold interest ratessed steady. harry smith is in new york. he has a preview of what's ahead on the "early show." good morning, harry. >> reporter: i wonder at the reserve bank ott of australia, do they cheer when they find out they are in the top of the google search list. we made it. we want them to feel good. coming up on the broadcast,
6:43 am
fergie has spoken to oprah. the show is on today. talk about trouble inside the royal family. an insiders look with an exclusive interview with some insight in to that. also a special this morning a special series on summer safety with a look at outdoor activities. we want to make sure the kids spend the summer safely and don't end up in a cast like i did the summer of 8th grade. >> all right. this. >> that and more here in a while. >> we will be watching and stay safe. harry, thank you. jessica doyle is here with new rules for potential home buyers. >> actually this is rules for mortgage foreclosure if you are in trouble on your mortgage. there is money set aside to help you but the rules for getting the help are more difficult. the changes are starting today. the process is getting a little more complicated.
6:44 am
the new rules require loan servicers to verify applicants income and financial hardship before placing them in to trial modification. some of the paperwork required, hardship affidavits, a bank statement, tax return and proof of residencecy. the good news if you make it to a trial modification you are more listen likely going to get long-term assistance. a judge gave toyota 30 days to hand over documents demand by class action lawyers. the lawsuit complains that the company did not actually fix the problem. have you bought an pie pad yet. >> if you have you have a lot of company. ipad sales topped 2 million since the launch. the company previously sold 1 million ipads in the united states 28 days after launch. it costs $499 in the u.s. and not including the extras.
6:45 am
really rack up quickly. >> i hear there's a challenger to the ipad out there. so that's good for the consumer. >> absolutely. >> i have a business note that you may be interested in. a business deal for you, too. the hotel chocolate in london wants you to invest in it and it promises a 6% return on your investment. that's better than a lot of places. it means your $2,800 investment would turn in to $3,000 over a three-year period. the catch, and you knew there was one, your interest will be paid in chocolate. not money which works out to a $20 box of chocolates delivered to you each month. for those who know me, if there are no nuts in it, no deal. >> that's not bad either, though. >> a sweet investment. >> very good. >> i like it. weather wise, get ready for a muggy day with showers and storms especially this
6:46 am
afternoon. some of those could contain locally heavy rain in one or two spots. start with a look at the bigger picture. showing you the showers and thunder. however, reedville got in to a few sprinkles and on we are watching light showers come out of west virginia in to northern virginia. kind of where 66 comes in to 81. you can see it comes our of wardensville out of west virginia. in is moving to the east. front royal may get a sprinkle. otherwise a quiet morning so far. the forecast calling for showers and storms. will be widespread today. keeping temperatures in the mid- 80s tomorrow and thursday, hot. better chance of storms returning on thursday night ahead of the next front. highs near 90 tomorrow and around 90 on thursday. the bus stop forecast, generally partly to mostly cloudy, warm and muggy. upper 60s to upper 70s in the
6:47 am
next hour or two as the sun has been up almost an hour now. mostly cloudy, scattered shower and storms this afternoon. winds gusting at times to 20 and in the 80s. tonight evening storms. clearing after midnight will allow patchy fog to form. lows in the 60s where the winds are lighter and the rain is heavier. that's where you have the denser fog. ocean city 71. atlantic city 72. 75 in philly with a few 60s out west. down in ft. belvoir, they are 73. same with brandywine and bwi and college park. up in rockville 70 and bethesda 71 degrees. got a temperature of 73 at reagan national with a southwest wind at 11 miles an hour. there's the humidity 73%. the big storm up here. back to our north and west is a cold front. this has to come through. ahead of it southwest winds bringing in the heat and the humidity. as the front comes in to the
6:48 am
warm moist atmosphere it will double up. showers and thunderstorms. middle of the day at 2:00. showers and storms right there. heavier and then move south and east and clear out later on tonight. so, our seven-day forecast, we are definitely talking about humidity and scattered showers and storms today, 86. hot tomorrow and thursday. thursday night showers and storms. we look good on saturday morning for race for the cure and sunday in to monday more showers and storms as we cool down to 80. >> look good. better news out there for maryland drivers. georgia avenue at evans drive crews are working hard to clear that scene. the backups to plyers mill actually clearing. we are seeing normal volume once again. move over to the accident on kenilworth avenue. going northbound. apparently a truck fell off on to ladell and they should be clearing it shortly. that's what we are hearing. 270 southbound, we are delayed to montross. no incidents to report out
6:49 am
here. 15 minute drive time is what we are tracking on 395 in virginia. going northbound making your way from the beltway to king street, the exit there. with the travel times, 66 from the fairfax county parkway, going to the beltway, taking 20 minutes. 22 minutes on the outer loop in maryland from 95 to 270 and the 11th street bridge, looks like it will be an 8 minute drive right now. over to you. it is 6:49. we have a commuter alert for everyone riding vre today. the inbound trains won't go all the way to the district. -- from there it is a half hour in to downtown washington a. service should be back to normal tomorrow. in sports it already looks like strasburg's major league debut will be a sellout. the nats announced he will start at home against the
6:50 am
pirates and the team's website says tickets are gone. the nats current franchise player had a big day in houston on monday. ryan zimmerman hit his 11th home run of the year. a three-run blast in the 7th. the nats trounce the astros 14- 4. the men's college lacrosse title game went to overtime in baltimore often monday. duke beats notre dame 6-5. our time is 6:50. 73 steamy degrees here in northwest washington. smoke on the water in boston. in three minutes, learn why where this brownish gray follow is coming from.
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here's what is in the news now. a search will resume for a woman and her daughter missing
6:54 am
in in the potomac river. seven crews on strike again at british airways. and the earliest of the flights from london is cancelled. a smoky haze over montreal is expected today as the result of nearby wildfires the smoke drifted as far as boston, more than 400 miles away from the fire. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies today. muggy, too. with showers and storms in the mid-80s. back to the heat tomorrow and thursday. we get to 90. seven-day forecast is coming up and so is angie who has a look at traffic when we return. ñú
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one wheel, one cause. he is riding his you know cycle to raise money for skin cancer. it is in honor of his late father. his journey will go 400 miles. use your feet to fight breast cancer at the race for the cure this saturday on the national mall. most of money raised stays in our area. i will be there along with angie, jessica, anita and more of the 9 news crew. to get information, go to wusa waist. and howard's wife will be there representing his family and we look forward to seeing you. >> broke in the pink running shoes earlier this week. they felt good and are ready to run. 197 an accident at mallard drive before the bw parkway. you will lose the right lane. take you to the beltway in maryland, we are jammed 95 to georgia. sun glare is a factor. obviously the camera shot here 25 minutes for the total drive.
6:59 am
on i-66, 7100, more sun. bring the shades. 25 minutes for that, as well. a little sun now but mostly cloudy with shower and storms. hot again tomorrow an thursday with late storms on thursday and thursday night and again later in the weekend. so right now saturday morning looks really good for you in the race for the cure. >> hopefully not as muddy as last year. we just wrapped up the worst may in 70 years. we are looking lower this morning. the "early show" is next. they will have the latest from  the gulf and more from john and elizabeth edwards. the next news is at noon. >> have a great day, everybody.


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